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While setting up a SMSF may seem straightforward, the administration and management can be time consuming and complex. If appropriate for your circumstances, we can guide you through the establishment and ongoing management of your Self-Managed Super Fund, as well as implement the most suitable strategy to help you meet your goals. We can assist you to understand the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of an SMSF structure.

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  • Individuals
  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Let Us Take Care Of The SMSF Paperwork

We have developed a flexible range of services designed to make it easy for you to best maximise the performance of your fund and minimise the hard graft. From the establishment of a SMSF, to the preparation and lodgement of income tax returns, financial statements and audits, we will help look after everything leaving you to enjoy the benefits of flexibility, control, more investment options, and the potential for reduced costs.

Whilst other accountants can assist in preparing your SMSF account, they may lack a detailed understanding of the taxation laws applicable to the SMSF environment. Be assured that Refined Wealth SMSF Specialists have completed rigorous training to be deemed competent in all aspects of providing SMSF advice. Refined Wealth will review your SMSF to ensure that it is working the way you want it to work – with a heavy focus on capital protection, wealth creation and tax efficiency.

As superannuation is fast becoming the family’s second largest asset behind the family home, and with compulsory superannuation savings poured into Australia’s massive superannuation investment environment, it pays to seriously consider managing and operating your own SMSF.

Our Extensive SMSF Services Entail

  • Preparation of financial reports, tax returns and other superannuation documents for audit purposes prepared on our specialised superannuation accounting platform
  • Liaison with SMSF audit specialists
  • SMSF consulting including a review of your current SMSF and recommendations to introduce new SMSF strategies to get more leverage from your super fund
  • Pension calculations including commencement of pensions, commuting a pension back to Accumulation phase
  • Advice on setting up an SMSF
  • Advice on borrowing within an SMSF
  • When to start a pension, Transition to Retirement and Conditions of Release
  • Tax effective lump sum withdrawals
  • Re-contribution Strategies
  • Review of Investment Strategies and Asset Allocations within the Super environment, including life insurance policies owned by the super fund and broad parameter asset reviews
  • Provide written Statement of Advice (SOA) with all SMSF strategies as required under the AFSL regulatory environment

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